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Intersec 2024 Dubai

The Ava team is excited to report a successful week at Intersec 2024 in Dubai, a global leading event for safety, security and fire protection. The Ava Group stand garnered overwhelming attention from attendees seeking insights into cutting-edge security technology presented by our Detect, Access, and Illuminate businesses.

Throughout the event, the stand was busy with potential customers seeking to delve deeper into our innovative security solutions. Live demonstrations were conducted across all three business units, accompanied by our global team of security experts, who were on hand to share their knowledge and emphasize the superiority of our products in enhancing site security.

Key highlights from our week at Intersec 2024 include:

  • Illuminate Business: The unveiling of the new LX LoRa Connect garnered significant attention, with live product demos showcasing the power and capabilities of our latest offerings.
  • Access Business: The introduction of the YG80B lock was a clear highlight, and the continued interest in the YD30 Cobalt series, which has experienced remarkable growth, reflects its sustained appeal in the market.
  • Detect Business: Ava’s market leading, data-driven fibre-sensing technology, Aura Ai-X, continued to attract interest among potential customers from diverse industries and verticals, as they considered how this world leading solution can elevate their site security.

In summary, the Group’s participation at Intersec Dubai 2024 reinforced the strength and innovation of our security solutions across the three businesses. Upcoming exhibitions for all three business units include ISC West in the US and The Security Event (TSE24) in the UK, both scheduled for April.

Click to watch a quick video from the Intersec event.


Illuminate Division launches the LX LoRa Connect System

The Illuminate team was excited to introduce the LX LoRa Connect, an ultra- long-range wireless integration system poised to redefine the landscape of perimeter protection projects. Pioneering the next era of connectivity, the LX LoRa Connect is designed to transcend boundaries, effortlessly transmitting signals across distances of up to 10 kilometres.

The LX LoRa Connect System offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in connecting and supporting devices for various applications. Gone are the days of grappling with the constraints of traditional systems—this innovation eliminates the need for expensive data cables and logistical challenges, providing a seamless and cost-effective solution for businesses and industries alike.

Each system can effortlessly accommodate and support up to 500 devices, ushering in a new era of scalability and adaptability. Installers utilising LX LoRa Connect will gain a distinctive competitive edge, benefiting from reduced installation time, lowered labour costs, and alleviated stress for both security installers and end-customers.

The LX LoRa Connect not only streamlines the installation process, but also ensures seamless integration with leading technology, such as the D-TECT Laser and 3rd party solutions like FFT fibre, BQT locks, as well as leading camera systems. This compatibility enables security installation companies to offer their customers tailored security solutions.

Perfect for use on sites where traditional cables are impractical, or for scenarios requiring a rapid deployment security system, the LX LoRa Connect stands out as the go-to choice.


Access Division launches the YG80B lock

The Access division has introduced the YG80B, a revolutionary Bluetooth-enabled lock crafted to provide unmatched security and convenience.

This advanced lock is not just limited to traditional applications but extends its capabilities to safeguard prisons, cargo containers, gates, roller doors, and any other locations where security and ease of use are paramount.

Engineered with precision, the YG80B sets a new standard in weather-resistant locking systems. Its key features include a IP67 rating and a built-in heater, ensuring optimal performance even in the harshest environmental conditions. This makes the YG80B an ideal choice for deployment in extreme weather scenarios, where traditional locks may falter.

Equipped with built-in Bluetooth technology, the YG80B can be installed within your facility, ensuring it remains out of reach from potential attacks whilst still allowing for convenient and secure operation directly from your mobile phone.


Thank you for your support and interest in Ava’s expanding products and technical capabilities.

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