Ava Risk Group Limited (ASX: AVA) (Ava Group or Company) advises of a correction to today’s earlier announcement titled “FY2019 Guidance & FY2020 Outlook”. 

The release stated in the final bullet point on page 1 that “The Ava Group expects record revenues of $9.0m-$12.0m during Q1 FY2019…” This should have read “The Ava Group expects record revenues of $9.0m-$12.0m during Q1 FY2020”.

The company apologies for the error.

About the Ava Group 

The Ava Group, comprising world leading technology divisions Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) and BQT Solutions (BQT) is a market leader in the provision of risk management services and technologies, trusted by some of the most security conscious commercial, industrial, military and government clients in the world. 

The Group features a range of complementary solutions including intrusion detection for perimeters, pipelines and data networks, biometric and card access control as well as the secure international logistics and storage of high value assets. Through decades of innovation, the Ava Group continues to build upon a comprehensive portfolio of premium services and technologies for the most complex and demanding markets. 

Our business truly serves a global market, with our knowledgeable team spread across six continents, providing market and industry expertise directly to customers. With thousands of sites protected, the Ava Group is proven to deliver first class services and technologies that surpass the expectations of our partners and end users.