AUCKLAND, Jan. 10 – BQT Solutions, a market leader in high security card and biometric readers and locks, has launched its new Orca weatherproof lock which provides industry-leading strength, unparalleled environmental durability and seamless access control integration for securing gates, roller doors, shipping containers, and any other large door or entryway.

Matthew Nye-Hingston, CTO of BQT Solutions Locking division commented, “Orca is the ultimate weatherproof lock, providing the complete combination of strength, security and convenience in one solution. It encompasses the features found in premium electronic locks, with the physical strength and function required to secure doors of any shape, whatever size.”

Orca lock is the latest generation of roller lock from BQT Solutions, building on an impressive portfolio that includes the YG10 – winner of the SIA New Product Showcase Award in the Lock Systems and Secure Storage Containers category presented at ISC West 2018.

Along with its highly impressive physical attributes, Orca’s ability to integrate into an access control system is what elevates its abilities well beyond anything else on the market. Orca is fully monitored and user-configurable, whilst being impervious to weather or environmental challenges making it perfect for deployment indoors or outdoors.

Orca’s standout features include:

  • High Security Performance – With a holding force in excess of 50,000N, 18mm diameter stainless steel bolt pin and reinforced strike design, the Orca lock ensures the most sensitive sites remain protected from even the most vigorous methods of attack.
  • Fully Weatherproof – Key features such as an IP67 rated design and built-in heater enable the Orca to withstand extreme weather environments including hot and cold climates, marine and desert conditions.
  • Highly Configurable – Orca can be adapted to suit a wide range of application requirements, with user selectable fail safe / fail secure modes and three user selectable control methods.
  • Complete Monitoring – Orca can truly become a part of the access control system, with a range of output signals including: bolt locked and unlocked position, door position, and tamper detection.
  • Versatile Installation – A symmetrical design means Orca can be installed both horizontally and vertically, giving greater flexibility to installers looking for optimum positioning.
  • Low Cost Running – With the heater disabled, Orca offers low current consumption, drawing as little as 30mA in standby and only 300mA in operation at 12VDC.
  • Long-term reliability – A high quality low voltage motor is the key to the Orca’s reliability while stainless steel and wear resistant plastic components ensure complete peace of mind for any security operator.

Matthew added, “Orca is the perfect heavy-duty monitored lock for any integrated security solution. Our highly-skilled team in New Zealand has worked hard to ensure we bring a product to the market that we truly believe is the best of its kind. With several exhibitions lined up in the new year we are looking forward to showing more customers how Orca can secure their installations.”

An Ava Group company, BQT Solutions is a specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of high quality, high security card and biometric readers, electromechanical locks and related electronic security products. The company provides a wide range of both off-the-shelf solutions and purpose tailored solutions.

Working with major system integrators, security consultants and end users, BQT Solutions develops tailored access control solutions to fulfil a range of access control requirements. From standalone units to fully integrated enterprise solutions, BQT access control systems are designed to provide maximum security, maximum value – and a migration path to meet present and future needs.

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