The Ava Group is reaffirming its commitment to conducting all its business with the highest ethical and socially responsible standards with the implementation of a new Responsible Sourcing Policy. This policy applies across the whole group but is particularly applicable to the group’s service division – Ava Global. As a world leading high security logistics and risk management service provider, Ava Global is dedicated to supporting the industries in which it operates to drive for full compliance for responsible sourcing processes.

Responsible SourcingCommenting on the implementation of the policy, Andrew Hames, Group Head of Extractives and Energy said: “We insist in only dealing with business partners and customers that comply with the same values and integrity that we hold ourselves. The new policy will give our customers greater transparency into our approach as a leading secure logistics provider across all sectors, including mines and refineries. We hope also that it will assist our customers in their own due diligence and adherence with industry guidance for conflict-free standards.”

The Ava Group is starting to work with the globally respected and ‘good governance’ consultancy firm, Levin Sources, to adopt internal policy and associated procedures in line with OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas. This is particularly relevant as Ava Global is a leading service provider to the precious metals market in areas identified as ‘high-risk’ and/or ‘conflict-affected’. The policy has been drafted to provide an overview of Ava Group’s approach to these guidelines and to give transparency to Ava Group’s approach as a secure logistics service provider.

Estelle Levin-Nally, Director of Levin Sources remarked: “We congratulate Ava Group on the publication of its new Responsible Sourcing Policy and for advancing on its commitment to Responsible Business Conduct. Levin Sources’ due diligence experts reviewed the Policy and highlighted priority areas for this first version. We look forward to working with Ava in the future to ensure it achieves its responsible business goals.”

The Ava Group has also appointed a Global Risk Director, to ensure systems, processes and procedures will be continually improved to stay ahead of any evolving risk. This includes co-ordinating training of Ava Group employees with respect to the Responsible Sourcing Policy and to keep up to date with evolving risks, requirements and practices.


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