Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Risk Assessments

With the Ava risk assessment model we identify analyse and evaluate the risks that would adversely affect the organisation. Whilst executing a comprehensive risk assessment, Ava broadens the scope to include the assessment of incidents, emergencies and disasters that might interrupt operations of the organisation.

Ava ensures that the risks, incident, emergency and disaster risk mitigation recommendations are in line with existing business activities and best practices, with the ultimate goal of ensuring business continuity.

GAP and Vulnerability Assessments

The aim of this assessment is to identify the existing physical, operational and procedural security weaknesses and offers recommendations for improvement. Our consultants have developed a range of security survey tools to enable us to collect all the relevant information about the facility. The security risk management recommendations aim to block any opportunity to attack or to bring damage to the facility.

The GAP analysis highlights the difference between the level of security currently in place against the level of security that should be in place to ensure adequate protection of people and assets.

Incident, Emergency and Crisis Management

Ava Risk Consultancy’s incident management plan (IMP) also known as an incident response plan or emergency management plan enables senior management to act swiftly to return to normal operating status following an unplanned event. We ensure that the IMP limits the damages to the organisation’s reputation and operations.

We ensure that the organisations we work with have crisis management response framework in place long before a crisis occurs and that the framework accelerates the resolution of a crisis and ensures business continuity as far as possible. We assist with selecting the right incident/emergency response teams, conduct training for these teams and facilitates rehearsal and table top exercises.

Specific Technical Solutions

Surveillance, Detection and Access Control

Ava Group’s electronic security consultants offer the following services to architects, commercial, industrial, military and government clients:

  • CCTV system design, integration and installation oversight.
  • Various electronic intrusion detection and location systems design, integration and installation oversight.
  • Electronic, biometric, smart card and mechanical access control integration and installation oversight.

In addition to system design, we support our clients through the tender and construction process, conduct on-site compliance reviews and participate in final system testing and commissioning.

Cyber Security Solutions

We recognises that electronic security systems are vulnerable to cyber-attacks and Ava Risk Consulting regards cyber security in the same light as physical security.

Our counter cyber risk recommendations might include specific preparedness activities (resilience), installation of anti-cyber attack technology (detection and protection) and robust physical security measures.

Risk Management Solutions

Risk and Vulnerability Mitigation Strategies and Plans

Our team will advise executives on how to develop a risk mitigation strategy to make in-time and ample provision to manage potential risks. This will include recommendations to accept, avoid, control, transfer or share the risks.

Our risk mitigation plan process includes the planning of specific risk mitigation actions to mitigate or reduce the identified risks and vulnerabilities, followed by advice and monitoring of the implementation of the various plans and lastly monitoring the mitigation progress.

Our plans will include new and additional security management policies and procedures and physical security measures – including electronic security solutions; cyber security and specific security training as required.

Security Master Plans

Ava Risk Consulting high-level master security plans provides senior management and board members with an elevated view of their security arrangements. The plans includes the organisational security strategy and policies that thereafter enable the development of the security operational plans and the guidelines for technology and physical security within the facilities of an organisation, while ensuring compliance with industry regulators and board obligations in terms of governance.

Combining the knowledge of Ava’s technical security consultants and the in-house capacity of the Group technology companies, we are ideally positioned to provide high-level security systems design and installation oversight for development projects such as high rises, retail malls and large scale warehouses.

In addition we can go beyond the master security plan and assist with the writing of security policies and standard operational procedures.